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The Crafty Cow Interactive Smartphone Pub Quiz Review

Pub quizzes are a staple of British culture but did you know that the humble British pub quiz is being sabotaged? Because we live in a smartphone dominant age people are more easily able to cheat when they are competing in a pub quiz! But that will soon be a thing of the past! Speedquizzing is an interactive quiz that you can play in the pub with your mates using your smartphone or iPad by just downloading the free app.

I arrived at the quiz ready to play and eager to try out this innovative approach to the traditional pub quiz. The Bristol venue was friendly, warm and hospitable and the quizmaster was no different. He helped me to download the app and then to get on the secure Wi-Fi that you get connected to in order to play the app based quiz.

The game is played quickly with the questions fired rapidly at you, which also prevents anyone from cheating! You certainly don’t have time to do a sneaky online search for the answer! The points are awarded on how quickly you answer the questions, so if you are the first team to answer correctly you get 10 points, the second team to answer correctly get 9 points, the third team to answer correctly get 8 points and the fourth team get seven points. All of the other teams who answer correctly get 6 points each. As such it pays to be trigger happy in this quiz! As long as you know your stuff that is!

We settled ourselves around one of the warm, cosy wooden tables and got the drinks in. We had the usual banter of choosing your pub quiz team name but with the added joyous element of trying to choose a soundtrack to accompany your buzzer. The quiz started with an introduction explaining how the game should be played, which is extremely helpful for any technophobes, or for people like myself who are slightly technologically averse!

The very first round was on general knowledge and we quickly found ourselves in fifth place. What we soon learned was that it pays to answer first. You don’t have time to confer as you would usually in a conventional pub quiz. You’ve got one chance to bag as many points as possible so if you think you know the answer, you’ve got to jump right in if you want the full 10 points!

This mobile compatible app quiz is easy to use and fun to play. The rounds are on a wide variety of subjects, including some quick fire mathematics questions, and they vary in difficulty. Yes, there are a few moments when you feel like face planting but that's the same as any pub quiz.

It’s so annoying when you know the answer but you can’t think of it at the time! This doesn’t stop people playing the traditional pen and paper pub quiz and I can’t see it stopping this app quiz.

There are short breaks of about ten to fifteen minutes between each of the rounds meaning that you have plenty of time to refresh your drinks, and yourself, as well as ordering any bar food you might want to fuel your playing.

Speedquizzing is being played in different pubs at various locations dotted across Bristol. All of the pubs, Brewhouse and Kitchen, The Crafty Cow and Queenshilling, provide a welcoming and sociable atmosphere where you will feel comfortable relaxing and having fun with your friends and family.

The fact that you can play over the Wi-Fi guarantees that the quiz remains fair for everyone and it also gives you instant satisfaction because you find out if you were right after every question, rather than at the end of the round, which is the normal structure of the conventional pen and paper conducted pub quiz.

The best thing about this light-hearted app quiz is that it is suitable for everyone as long as you have a smartphone or electronic tablet and the speed at which you have to play just increases the fun because of the added pressure!

My team would definitely recommend this app quiz and we’ll certainly be heading into Bristol again soon to try out some more of the Speedquizzing venues.

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